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textsynthese IV/II/installation/2011/norrtälje konsthall/eva beierheimer/miriam laussegger

textsynthese IV/II -
Den ängen lyser grönast som ligger längst bort



1. What is hidden in the snow is exposed in thaw
2. Though in both cases you have difficul- ties with handing and storage of the waste
3. You couldn’t see any difference
4. It was time to say stop
5. A real stop for all this
6. and we have a little pile of lumps. And then...shape them into a ball
7. Clear colours, bathed in light, circles, ellipses, squares, rectangles
8. The colours are happily and carefully applied, the drawing often wrong and the composition usually stencile-like
9. A building with text on the top … a plastic mat underneath
10. Own images appear, memories from places...our vantage points
11. Often the image of reality you made yourself, is not true
12. The first impression is still the stron- gest
13. No new images answered
14. This was quite natural considering the circumstances
15. The art of drawing conclusions is a
science like any other
16. They’d start examining the matter in Vienna in a few days
17. footsteps echoed ghostlike
18. and was trampled. Those who weren’t tramped were swept aside



1. Sometimes, landscape is considered monotone and inaccessible while others find it appealing and beautiful
2. Everything green is about to disappear
3. And gets closed doors
4. and it happens that one hallucinates
5. almost invisible because the pattern is adapted
6. In the big hall...not one of the windows been open to the garden
7. up the small steps
8. right into the naked wall
9. and one sees nothing of the landscape outside
10. of having such things in the window
11. everything had become foreign
12. One didn’t really think of it anymore
13. Now it was time for depth
14. cliff faces...and...the mountain chains 15. away to the distant, blue horizon...out over the surrounding
15. Exposed parts of the solid
bedrock made through